South Korea

In the distant past, it was known as “The Hermit Kingdom.” Nowadays, it is world’s 15th largest economy, centering on electronics, automobiles, ships, and robotics. Do the names Samsung, Kia, Hyundai, and LG sound familiar?

South Korea is a constitutional democracy in the southern part of the Korean Peninsula. South Korea shares the peninsula with its neighbor above, North Korea. Its other neighbors are China to the west, Japan to the east, and the Korea Strait to the south. South Korea has a land size that is similar to the land size of the state of Kentucky. Its population, however, totals almost 50 million people, many of whom have not heard the true Gospel.

For hundreds of years, the underlying philosophical influence in all aspects of Korean life, including religion, has been Confucianism. It still impacts many areas of Korean life even to this day. In accordance with Confucian tradition, most families in Korea worship their ancestors, believing that they can receive blessings from them.

There are many various beliefs and religions practiced in Korea. 46% are Atheists. 26% are Buddhist. And 7% are Catholic. Although 19% of the population claims to be Christian, unfortunately, this does not mean they are truly born-again.  Many Koreans consider whoever attends church is a Christian. A number of professing Christians do not like to talk about having assurance of salvation or about being “born again.” Many Korean Protestants have taught their people that whoever uses the KJV and asks about assurance of salvation is a cult.

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